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About Rotary Vieques

We are a group of business owners and professionals who want to give back to our community, and work for the greater good.  We work together to help those less fortunate as well as supporting worthwhile projects around the globe.  Our focus in Vieques has been to help organizations working with Vieques children and youth, as well as organizations serving Vieques individuals in need.  Internationally, we have given to various disaster relief efforts run by Rotary clubs around the globe, and have donated to Rotary Foundation polio eradication efforts.

Annual Events

We hold two main events per year, a Welcome Back Rotary event in November/December and an Annual Bash in February/March. Please refer to the Events page for detailed information.


Getting Involved     
As you can see by our various Service Projects, we are doing a lot of good in the community, but we cannot keep growing without your support.  If you would like to Contribute or Get Involved with Rotary, we would welcome your help!

How to Ask Us for Money

If you are interested in proposing a project, please fill in the attached form and contact one of our club members or email us at so that you can schedule a meeting with us to discuss your proposition.  We are always looking for worthy causes 


Latest project:  


In 2020 we have tapped the power of Rotary International for the first time, by accessing DAF Funds available for post Maria reconstruction in Puerto Rico.  The goal is to re-open Esperanza Community Library (next to the Esperanza baseball park) where most computer equipment has been damaged.  It required new furniture, repainting, new computers, new tablets, etc. The purpose of this facility is to encourage local kids to use computer for their homework and education and enlarge the employment opportunities of the local youth.  There is also a reference library section with books.  The Library opened to the public in November 2020 and in early 2024 the building is being renovated again by the Municipality.

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