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  • What Is Rotary?  Rotary is a service organization of business professionals united worldwide to dedicate to helping others through humanitarian projects encouraging high ethical standards in all vocations and working toward world understanding and peace

  • Rotary Code of Conduct:  The 4 Way Test.  Is it the truth?  Is it fair to all concerned?  Will it build good will and understanding?  Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

  • Rotary Motto:  Service Above Self

  • Rotary International: Worldwide consists of more than 33,000 autonomous Rotary clubs in over 200 countries and geographical areas with 1.2 million members.  Vieques is one of 31 clubs in Puerto Rico which has over 1,000 members total and comprises its own Rotary District (#7000)

  • Rotary Foundation: Rotary endowment fund that supports Rotary International goals “to do good in the world” through humanitarian, educational, and cultural exchange programs

  • Rotary Vieques:  Founded in December 2011, we have begun operations in July 2012.  We are currently 23 members strong and have been growing rapidly through the last four years, raising $7k our first year, $19k in second year, $24k last year and $29,573 this year.  We want to continue our growth both in membership and in moneys raised since this is what allows us to make a difference in our community


In the past seven years, we have raised a total of $179,000, of which $106,000 has come from doing fundraising events.




















In the past seven years, we have given away $98,000 to charitable causes.  Most of the money raised goes straight to charity with minimal operating expenses.



We sponsor predominantly Vieques causes and organizations, putting $93,000 into the island's causes in the past seven years.

Our membership has been consistently growing, except for the post Maria year which has caused a few of our members to leave the island, making us currently 27 members strong.

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  • What is Our Focus?  We are dedicated to doing charitable works in our community of Vieques. Our current main focus is to support existing and/or youth oriented programs in Vieques

  • How to Become a Member?  If you have an interest in becoming a member, please come to one of our meetings, everyone is welcome! They are held on the first Monday of the month, please check the Events page or our Facebook page for details  

  • How to Help?   We would love your help, whether its by attending an event, sponsoring an auction item, volunteering or donating to a cause.  Please check our ways to Get Involved or click on Donate to contribute

  • Who Do We Give Money to?  We prefer to give to established organizations with a proven track record of serving Vieques community.  Youth oriented organizations are our primary focus but we have been known to give money to all kinds of worthy endeavors

  • How to Ask Us for Money?  If you are interested in proposing a project, please fill in the attached form and contact one of our club members or email us at so that you can schedule a meeting with us to discuss your proposition.  We are always looking for worthy causes 



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Feel free to contact us for more information, we would love to hear from you!

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